Hello there! My name is Alex, and welcome to my life! I am a young twenty something who went to college, got my degree, started a blog, married her high school sweetheart, and got a sweet little bengal kitten named Sterling. Between Sterling, my husband Kyle, and my crazy antics, we live a pretty fast paced, full, and exciting life!

I have always been a little creative soul. There is nothing that gets me going more than making something and showing it to the world. Whether that be a painting, drawing, photograph, dance, piece of music, video, it doesn’t matter. Nothing brings me more excitement or joy than simply creating. My whole life I have been dancing, singing, taking pictures, playing instruments, doodling. I was even fortunate enough to study music education in college. I loved every second of it!

After graduating college I was itching to find something to fill my need to be creative. I started decorating, cooking, DIYing, and decided I wanted to share it, so this blog was born! Here you will find a little bit of home decor, DIYs, recipes, a little inspiration here and there, and snippets into my personal life as well. I hope you come along to follow my journey into marriage, life, and adulthood!