Disney 2017: Animal Kingdom

I have been trying to write an introduction about this park and pretty much can’t think of anything other than there is so many animals! So instead I want to mention here how BEAUTIFUL the weather was over our entire trip! We had no rain at all. I think it rained one night, but only because we woke up and the sidewalks and grass seemed extra wet one morning. Other than that, we mostly had sunny and 85. It was truly a treat. Now onto the animals.


Rides and Attractions

So I am obsessed with animals, so animal kingdom is pretty much my happy place. It is like a zoo and theme park in one! We were able to go through the Maharajah Jungle Trek and the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. Both had tons of animals, I took tons of pictures, those will come up later.

In addition to the walk throughs, we were able to go on the Safari of course! One of the best rides to go on, and the animals were SO close this time. They actually were in the road quite a few times and held up the ride, but it just meant we got to see them close up. Although the elephants were totally hiding so that was a bummer.

My favorite thrill ride in all of the parks is definitely Expedition Everest. I love that is actually outdoors and has huge hills! WE also watched the It’s Tough to be a Bug which is so NOT for young or easily spooked children. They sort of warned people on the way in, and there were like ten screaming children our show. Don’t let that be your child!



The only thing I actually ate while in the park was a little bit of ice cream my mom had gotten and a Mickey shaped pretzel. The pretzel was honestly nothing special, probably the least exciting food I ate the entire trip.

We did however had dinner at Sanaa in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was like Indian food meets African food meets crazy deliciousness! There was naan platter to start and so many yummy and fun dishes. They also have just a classic New York strip if Indian food isn’t really your style but someone your traveling with loves it. We also had excellent service, highly recommend.


Park’s “Mosts”

Here is where I share the bests and the worsts with a list of mosts!

  1. Most animals. I think this explains itself.
  2. Most street acts. There were performers all over the parks at all times!
  3. Most shaded. Lots of trees and greens to protect you form the sun.
  4. Most green. There is so much vegetation it’s simply stunning.
  5. Most unique gifts. The park has gifts you totally can’t get anywhere else. A close second is the Epcot world showcase shops.

What I Missed

I really wanted to see the River of Lights Show but with it being so new it was crazy packed and we didn’t get the chance to see it. Next time though I will be sure to make it work. I also have never been on the rapids, but I usually love river rapid rides! Again, I will be sure to fit this in next time.



These pictures are mostly of pictures and flowers and vegetation. There really isn’t much that needs to be explained, so just scroll through and enjoy the pretty photos 🙂

And that’s it! Be sure to check out my posts on the other parks below 🙂

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