Six Months Of Marriage!

Holy cow, in just four short days I will have been married for SIX months. I know that isn’t too long, but time has flown and I can’t believe we have been married for half a year! Pretty soon here we will have been together for six years. Like really though, where does the time go!?


Married Life

The main difference in lifestyle for Kyle and I after marriage was living together! Well, we actually started living together two months before the wedding because that is just when our leases were both up, but still. We had been together for over five years and had always lived apart, so to be under one roof was definitely a huge adjustment, but a blessing all the same.

Being married young (at 22 for those of you who don’t know) has also been such a blessing! There is absolutely no rush to have children or travel or buy a house (in my opinion) because we are still young and just trying to feel out adulthood and living out on our own! No one has even asked any of those nosy questions yet and I contribute that mostly to our age.

The hardest part of being married young is definitely the fact that none of our friends are married! It isn’t terrible, but it is kind of ¬†a bummer to not have other couples to talk and relate to on this front. I know someday the opposite will probably be the case, and all of our friends will be married, but for now it is just us!



We were lucky enough to travel to St. Maarten for our honeymoon! Although we were burnt to crisp for the whole second half of our trip (don’t buy target brand sunscreen–that ish don’t work) we still had such a fun time experiencing the island and the laid back culture while we were there.

In August, on the same day that my childhood kitty was born, I was made aware that there was a litter of Bengal kittens born that same day. As one crazy cat lady does, I contacted the breeder that night and claimed one of those precious kittens! Luckily I had first pick so I got to choose the color and gender out of the litter that I wanted. I of course chose a male silver bengal, who is our crazy little daredevil Sterling!

He has been one of the biggest challenges in our lives as we try to train our very first animal, who may as well be a dog. He plays fetch, he tries to eat human food, he will bring you toys if he wants to play, and he REALLY wants to go outside. I am pretty sure we are going to try to leash train him in the spring. I know that sounds insane, and I swear I am not trying to turn him into a dog, but I really think it would help him kill some energy and he is just so dang curious I would rather bring him outside than have him dart out the door (which he has already done more than once).

Kyle and I also got to spend our first holiday season together this year! I was definitely a bit selfish and we stayed home on both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, but I am really grateful that we did that at least for this one year. Although I truly did miss spending the time with family, it was a simple and fun holiday season that I will never forget. Next year we may do things differently, but who is to say!?


The first six months of this marriage have gone quick, but I have a feeling the net six will be even quicker! We have some really fun adventures coming up, and I can’t wait to share them with all of you :).