Sterling the Bengal Six Month Update

Sterling our cutest ever silver bengal kitten is already six months old! What is even crazier than that is that he has been home for nearly four months already. The time has gone by so fast and he has changed so much! He has a new eating pattern, he got sick for the first time, and is always finding strange places to get stuck in. Plus we have been adventuring outside with him on our deck and just once with him outside on a leash. To see him helplessly flail while on a leash outside, be sure to check out the video at the end of this post!



So Sterling has been a picky eater from day one. He does not like dry food or cat treats of any kind. He loves to try and eat off my plate all the time though! Because of this, we have started supplementing his diet with lean turkey meat and eggs everyday. We have been doing this for about month, and have noticed no major changes other than we aren’t paying for tons of extra canned cat food and he doesn’t cry for food as often.

Other than the turkey and eggs, he eats two cans of cat food a day! He has never shown any interest in his dry food, and after a ton of research I read that it is actually a good thing for cats to only eat canned food and/or fresh meat. Although I wish I could save more pennies by supplementing his diet with dry food, Sterling just will not have it. It appears I will be cooking up turkey and eggs every week for him into the foreseeable future.



This past month Sterling got sick. He stopped eating on a Thursday, or at least drastically lowered his food intake. Of course it started on a Thursday so I had to worry over the whole weekend. I wasn’t sure if he would get over it quickly or not, but he definitely did not. He started to eat a bit more again on Sunday and Monday, but he still wasn’t his normal self, so I brought him into the vet on Tuesday.

She said that most likely he had eaten something that is now stuck in his intestines. Because his intestines were trying to pass the foreign object Sterling was experiencing discomfort and nausea. Well she was definitely right, because they gave him some anti-nausea medicine, I brought him home, and he started eating more right away! He recovered fast and was back to his normal self the very next day 🙂



When we first brought Sterling home he would almost never play on his own. He wanted to know you were entertaining him at all times! As he has gotten older though, he really enjoys playing alone and is easily able to entertain himself. I still try to play with him everyday because bengals are crazy active cats!

His favorite toys make noise, plain and simple. He has a purple dragon toy that makes a chirping sound, a feather toy with a bell on it, and a foil-like ball that makes crinkling sound which are his absolute favorites. He also loves any paper, plastic, or cardboard trash we may accidentally leave out or purposefully get him to play with. Empty bottles and boxes, crumpled up receipts, and the plastic forks we use to feed him are all favorites. I honestly am not sure why I still buy him toys when he loves garbage so much!

He has also gotten into the cutest habit where he brings a toy to bed with him. Almost every morning when I wake up and come out into the living room, either his dragon or the feathers will be on the couch next to a flat spot where Sterling clearly spent the night!



Now this was ALL led by Sterling having an enormous interest in going outside. It started with just letting him out on the deck every now and then so that he could get used to being outside. I didn’t want to bring him out on the grass or anything without making sure he had the proper flea/tick/worm medication and a good leash and harness!

Well, last Saturday I broke down and bought all of those things for him, and we had our first outdoor leash experience. It went okay, but we still definitely have some work to do! Sterling loved being outside for sure, but he hated being in his harness and on a leash. You can see a ton of video footage of that in the video at the end of this post!



Sterling brings so much happiness into our lives, and hope this little update was able to shed some light on why! Be sure to check out the video above if you haven’t already! Next up for Sterling: fixing.