YouTube Weekly #5

It’s time to share more things I have made on the internet–the video specific kind. I hope you enjoy this weeks round of videos, as I am almost finally caught up! There will be another two of these posts and then we will be all up to date and speed with my YouTube creations.


Weight Loss Journey Part Two

I didn’t lose as much as I wanted during my first month of weight loss…but I also didn’t try very hard! See what I was successful with, where I failed, and much more below ­čÖé


Vlog:┬áCat’s First Snow Day

You know that huge blizzard we got a few weeks back? Well I wanted to see how Sterling would react to snow. He is pretty much pro at going outside by now, so we had to give him a little more to explore.  His reaction and much more in this vlog:


Simple Everyday Makeup

Since doing my makeup this way I have felt so good about the way I look day to day! This is my go to look friendly for teaching, glasses, and so much more. See how I achieve it below.


Food Friday: 100 Calorie Smoothie

I am trying to lose weight, as I have shared many times all over the internet. This has been one of my secrets! I have this smoothie every morning on my way to work as the second part of my breakfast, and it holds me over to lunch. So good. So filling. So you need to try this.


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